Autoflowering vs. Feminized Seeds: What should I as a grower choose?


When getting into the grower business, it can be a bit of an overwhelming experience. There are so many options to choose from, and what type of cannabis seed is the best for you? Autoflowering seems like the easiest to get into, but feminized promises all-female crops. This blog goes over both the topics and at the end, you decide which one suits you.

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Benefits of Autoflower Cannabis Seeds?

Auto flower cannabis is incredibly popular among the people just getting into the grower industry. They tend to bloom in a fairly predictable manner and are easier to cultivate. They are also much more resistant to temperature changes, fungi, and humidity changes, etc. Because they grow within 8-12 weeks, they are perfect for the northern hemisphere, where the summers are much shorter.

Benefits of Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Up until now, you may think that Autoflower Cannabis Seeds are much better, but don’t write off Feminized seeds just yet; they have a key advantage: you don’t have to worry about male plants. If you’re new to growing, it’s simple Male plants don’t create THC buds; subsequently, they are bad. Feminized plants promise to give you a much better yield and better plant size. It is simple biology that bigger the plant leads to bigger buds and more THC with potency. 

Another advantage to feminized plants is that they can clone themselves, which is not possible with autoflowers. They have become incredibly popular with the growers even though they require more hard work and focus. Buy the best-feminized seeds at

Let’s now get down to more specifics.

What are the differences in harvest time and lighting demands?

When choosing between feminized and autoflower, it is important to see the harvesting needs yourself.

Do you want to grow and sell weed multiple times throughout the year? Then the autoflower is perfect for you, and it can be grown almost anywhere. The lighting aspect is also great because it only takes upto 8 hours of direct sunlight.

Feminized’s overall harvesting pattern is much more complicated as you have to start in autumn to ensure 20 weeks is maximized.

Also, 12 hour days and darkness are much trickier in outdoor settings. Autoflowers, on the other hand, is fairly simple and easily evolve to their environment.

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Final thoughts 

Ultimately deciding between the two comes down to two factors- 

  1. Skills 
  2. Experience 
  3. Indoor vs. Outdoor.

If you’re getting into the growing business and trying out the whole thing still unsure, go for Autoflowering. It’s best to get your feet wet and very easy to manage.

If you’ve learned the trade tricks and want to upgrade to the next level, go for Feminized. It’s much more difficult, but the reward is greater.

Ultimately don’t see them as being against each other and see them as a stepping stone to greatness.  

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