Communication Breakdown: A Simple 5 Steps Process for Solving

Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

If you are a businessman, you may often face communication breakdown. Whenever a communication breakdown occurs, it causes so many issues. Basically, a communication breakdown happens whenever a person finds it difficult to explain whatever he/she is trying to say. Also, sometimes the other person doesn’t understand what the communicator is trying to say. So, this is how a communication breakdown occurs, and every time it occurs in any business, it causes so many problems for both the communicator and the listener. Every business owner wants to solve the problem of communication breakdown, and they can solve it by following 5 simple steps.

So, if you also want to solve this issue in your business and know nothing about these 5 steps which will help you in solving this, you can read this blog. Here, we mention 5 steps to solve communication breakdown and their detail too.

Never do blame-shifting in Communication Breakdown

Some people find it shameful to accept their communication mistakes, and that’s why they start doing blame-shifting to the other person. Nothing is worse than that because a person who doesn’t accept his/her mistake can never work on that to make himself/herself better. Whenever you find out that you made a mistake in communication, accept it because, in the end, we all are humans, and it’s common to make mistakes. People will not judge you if you accept your mistake, but when they find out that you are doing blame-shifting, they’ll start passing their judgments.

Everyone wants to look perfect in their circle, especially a businessman, as people admire them and love to be like them, but the reality is, no one is perfect. While we are shifting the blame, we forget that the other person has emotions too. If we don’t accept our mistake, we won’t be able to correct it and make that mistake every time. So, never do blame-shifting and accept your mistake to correct it and solve the issue of communication breakdown.

Talk slowly to avoid Communication Breakdown

Most communication breakdowns occur when a person talks very fast. Sometimes, the person we are talking to doesn’t be able to capture the words quickly, and this causes communication problems. Talking slowly to everyone allows another person to understand clearly what you are trying to say. If you want to deliver your thoughts to another person quickly, talking fast isn’t the right thing to do.

You can’t communicate effectively and quickly if you have to explain your thoughts to another person again and again. Say slowly and clearly as it will make your communication better and the other person doesn’t find any difficulty in understanding you and also, you don’t have to explain repeatedly to that person. So, another step to solve your communication breakdown is, talk slowly.

Talk with unity:

Unity in talking means is to take other persons with you too. If you don’t take other persons with you while talking and only focus on the things that you are trying to say, you won’t be able to communicate properly. Sometimes a single communication gap can cause so many misunderstandings, which no one can afford in any business. So, while talking, don’t forget that you can only develop a good conversation with another person if you talk with unity. Never try to be too fast if you want to convey your message clearly, as you can’t afford any communication gap in your business because it is the main cause of loss in so many businesses. Hence, another step to solve a communication gap is, talk with unity.

Never try to win arguments:

When a person tries to win any argument, he/she stop focusing on whether he is speaking on the right facts or not, and his/her only focus is to win the argument. By doing so, you may win the argument, but you can’t win people. In any business, winning the peoples’ hearts is also essential to earning their loyalty, and you can only do it by finding out that whether you are on the right side or not. If not, then leave the argument instead of trying to win it.

A businessman has to focus on many other things with business, and winning people is essential for getting full support in business from them. Whether it’s your staff or some other businessman, you can’t develop a successful conversation if your only purpose is to win the argument. So, if you want to solve the communication breakdown problem, never try to win arguments.

Be patient while talking:

Patience is an essential factor in developing a good conversation. If you don’t talk with patience, the other person will not be able to understand you clearly. Also, you have to show patience not only while talking but while listening to others too. Some people just want to say things, and they don’t like to listen to others. Communication means when a conversation occurs between two people, because if only one person talks, how can we call it communication? So, if you don’t want to face this issue, you should be patient while talking.

Say whatever you want to say patiently and after that, listen to what the other person has to say in your thoughts. You may find so many flaws in your ideas after listening to others, and it will develop a good understanding, and it will also allow you to correct the errors and mistakes. So, another step to solve the issue of communication breakdown is, be patient while talking.

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Communication Breakdown: Conclusion

Many businessmen face the problem of communication breakdown while talking to their staff or making a deal with some other businesses. This problem causes so many issues and can lead to a loss too. So, there are 5 steps that we mention in this blog, and by following them, you can easily solve the problem of communication breakdown. So, don’t worry if you also face the same problem as this post will help you in correcting all your errors in communication, and it will allow you to develop perfect communication with the other person.



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