General Blue in Dragon Ball Z: A Powerful Army Officer

General Blue

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most-watched TV shows in the world. People from all over the world are interested in watching Dragon Ball Z. Different people love different characters in TV series. The same is the case with Dragon Ball Z. General Blue is a character in Dragon Ball Z. This character has inspired a lot of people all over the world.

General Blue

General Blue is one of the antagonists in Dragon Ball Z. This character has appeared in Dragon Ball Mange, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball. This is one of the most famous characters in this series. This character is famous for having a powerful and high ranking in Red Ribbon Army. Moreover, He is also a leader in Blue Corps. The higher ranks in different armies make him more attractive and strong.

General Blue is famous for having the most powerful and significant psychic abilities. You can find a whole series of Saga revolving around him on the internet.

The appearance of General Blue

General Blue is famous for having a unique appearance. He is one of the most handsome men in animated TV series. He is a tall, blue-eyed, and blonde-haired man with an attractive appearance.

General Blue is a muscular man. He wears a typical dress of double-breasted red suit with a red tie. The tie is black in color in Manga and The Path to Power. Moreover, he wears a brown dual-layered officer’s cap with a Red Ribbon Army logo that is prominent on the cap. He also has a Red Ribbon Army logo that is patched on one of his shoulders. The Red Ribbon Army logo is on the right shoulder in the anime series and the left shoulder in the Manga. He wears a brown belt in the mange series; however, the belt is black in the anime.

Loyalty with Red Ribbon Army

General Blue is famous because he is the most loyal person to the Red Ribbon Army. He has a never-ending love and loyalty for Red Ribbon Army. He often tracked Goku in several episodes of obstacles. He is famous for trailing Goku and the company into the Pirate cave, and there he kills Goku and Krillin.

Bulma is another character in this series. During this battle, Bulma tries to distract General Blue by wiggling her buttocks at him. However, this wiggling did not distract General Blue in this war.

General Blue also has a scene in which he paralyzed Goku by using a stare. He released a capsule having a pump-action shotgun in which he held the muzzle towards Goku’s face. The situation was lucky for Goku as he was afraid of mice, and he saw mice coming towards him, and he lost his concentration.

Role of General Blue in The Path to Power

The Path to Power is one of the most loved and famous series in which General Blue played a role. On the 10th anniversary of the movie Dragon Ball: The Path to Power, General Blue played a significant role. He appeared as a member of Red Ribbon Naval Ship, and his role was just before he got blown away by a strong character Master Roshi’s Max Power Kamehameha. However, he was not blown away, but he survived and managed to capture Goku and his group. However, he was executed by following the order of Commander Red in Red Ribbon Army. Some low-strength privates drag him to a secret room, and they killed him. The sentence to death had a reason that he missed a dragon buried in the sand, although he gave Commander Red five Dragon Balls.

Psychic techniques

Apart from having nice features and being a healthy hero in Dragon Ball Z, General Blue had the best psychic powers. He used the best of his psychic techniques to defeat his enemies. General Blue is considered the strongest and the best Red Ribbon Army Officer. One of his psychic abilities is that he can make people temporarily paralyzed. Apart from his martial arts abilities, he uses his psychic abilities that could make a person paralyzed temporarily, making people unable to move. He used this ability to make Goku paralyzed in one of the episodes of Dragon Ball Z. However on stronger characters in the anime, such as Mercenary Tao, had no effect of psychic abilities. The psychic abilities of General Blue made Krillin and Goku the worst enemies of him.

Superhuman powers

Besides having psychic abilities, General Blue is capable of having superhuman speed, endurance, strength, and he is able to survive even be electrocuted. He could electrocute a giant electric eel and killed it without weapons. With his superhuman powers, he was able to escape from the Pirate’s cave and collapse. He has also jumped from a jet and landed over the Kame house. He jumped from a high height. The height from which he jumped was high enough that he had to use binoculars to see whether he is landing over the right place, that is, Kame Island.

Another point that shows his superhuman strengths is that he has enough power to crush a phone booth with his hands. In an episode of Dragon Ball Z, he crushed a phone booth in front of Sourman. Moreover, he managed to escape in Sourman’s car. Moreover, he had enough powers to pick a tree with his hands. The intention of picking the tree was to impale Goku with the tree.

The last but not least significant thing to know about General Blue in Dragon Ball Z is that he could use different flying maneuvers. He was courageous enough to challenge Goku in pursuit while riding the Flying Nimbus.

The bottom line

These are some of the most significant things that people need to know about General Blue in Dragon Ball Z. These points show that General Blue was an antagonist having an attractive personality. Moreover, he had a strong character in Dragon Ball Z. Superpowers make him more discreet in Dragon Ball Z.



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