Social Media Marketing Consultant: What it takes to be one

Social Media Marketing Consultant


Social Media Marketing Consultant

Have you ever thought of quitting your tiring company job and start your own business as a social media marketing consultant as it requires work for only two days a week and making more money monthly? Well, if you have such thoughts of a marketing consultant in your mind then you are on wrong track. The responsibility of social media consultant job is much more than an office job. A social media marketing consultant is accountable of answer the clients, follow the schedules, respect deadlines, and much more. If you want to know how to become a social media marketing consultant then read this article till the last paragraph.

  • Why do businesses require a social media marketing consultant
  • How to become a social media marketing consultant
  • From where to find a social media marketing consultant jobs

Why do businesses require a social media marketing consultant

The one question that comes into your mind is why businesses require a social media marketing consultant when almost everybody even the kids can handle their social media profile well. You need to understand that when it comes to business, a person who can make strategies, proper planning, and handle execution well is needed. Who is that person? Off-course a social media consultant.

Businesses need to hire an expert social media consultant who can perform the following tasks properly.

  • Social media management
  • Social media audit
  • Account creation and setup for new businesses
  • Brand awareness
  • Training

How to become a social media marketing consultant

Given below are a few methods of how to become a social media marketing consultant.

1.   Do your research

Research is important when you are starting a new business. If you want to become an expert social media consultant then you must have to consider the following factors.

  1. Check out the top trends of your industry and observe where things are standing at.
  2. Analyze your competitor’s working method and try to make your services different from them.
  • Do not rush in the whole process as you might end up missing something huge which can badly affect your career later.

2.   Learn the essential skills of social media consultant

No matter you have a good social media presence such as 2,000 followers on Instagram, 3000 followers on Twitter, or 1000 friends on Facebook, but if you have no proper qualification of a consultant then no one can hire you. To become a successful social media consultant, learning the following skillset is essential.

  • You have to understand the basic needs of the client’s business
  • You should know how to target audience
  • You should know the skill of branding and how to keep the brand’s voice
  • You should have to do creativity to attract an audience and enhance sales
  • You should know how to run paid social campaigns
  • You should know how to make appealing posts for social media platforms
  • You should know how to use tools

3.   Niche or general

As a new social media consultant, the biggest challenge you across is whether to become a certain niche specialize consultant or general consultant. Both have differences. A general consultant can work with any niche-related brand or organization. On the contrary, a niche specializes consultant works with the brands or organizations that are related to his specific niche. A few types of popular niches are given below.

  • Marketer: A marketer is accountable for managing paid social media campaigns to enhance customer growth, productivity, and reliability.
  • Community Manager: The community manager works as the face and voice of the brand by communicating with customers and increasing brand awareness.
  • Data Analyst: A data analyst is accountable for analyzing data and perceptions collected from campaigns and give different ideas to improve future campaigns.
  • Generalist: A generalist owns a basic knowledge of content creation, ads management, and community management.

4.   Online course

Before stepping into the field of a social media consultant, it is better if you take an online course as it provides you information about the industry and you can practice your craft. You can also improve your craft by offering free services and by practicing on your own. You can also work with small or local brands and improve your craft thereby applying the methodology that you learned from online courses. In this way, when you go into an international market, you have the work experience plus plenty of ideas to grab potential clients.

5.   Decide your rates

As a beginner, social media consultant, knowing how much charge your clients is a difficult situation. Sometimes, the client takes advantage of the fact that you are new in this industry and they trick you to charge them low for your service. Greater are the chances that you might fall into their traps. Thus to avoid it, you have to decide and fix your rates otherwise you might end up with no bank balance. Usually, a beginner social media charge from $25 to $40 per hour.

6.   Sponsor yourself

The next step is to sponsor yourself so that clients notice you and work with you. How to sponsor yourself? You can make the following steps to sponsor yourself.

  1. Through social media: keep your social media profile updated and make a good social media presence. Try to post content that is related to your field, in this way your’ field-related audience will follow you and it helps clients to find you.
  2. Make your website: Making your website is the best way to display your expertise and knowledge of your related field. The website also makes it easy for you to show people who you are and what type of services you are offering.
  • Start a blog: A successful social media marketing consultant is also an excellent writer. So by starting a blog, you can highpoint your writing skills. Try to write contents which are related to your field, in this way you can establish yourself as a professional.

From where to find a social media marketing consultant jobs

The name of the sources from where you can find social media marketing consultant jobs in Pakistan are given below.

  • pk
  • Glassdoor
  • com
  • JobsCareer
  • Graduateland

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