The gift I like best is the gift of time

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Covid-19 has opened my eyes to how precious time is. My father is an older man. My parents met late in life and had me, my brother, and my sister. After I was born, my dad was diagnosed with Cancer. My father has been battling this disease all of my life. When Covid-19 hit, he had to stop working because of his immune system being weak. My family worried so much about him because what if he got Covid-19. As we all went into lockdown and our schools went to online learning, we spent more time with our dad. Time became very precious to our family. After classes, my dad and I would sit down and play a game of chess. We would talk more about different things. Covid-19 gave me the gift of time and the gift of memories I may not have had the opportunity to have. My father is busy all day in his small jewelry store, which sell bracelet, necklace and others. My father like yoga and also chakra bracelet very much. Now Realizing that there is no gift better than time gave me a chance to grow closer to my dad. In today’s world, everyone is moving at warp speed, and we forget how important family really is. 

Time is a gift that keeps giving. As I said, my parents are older than most; my dad will be 80 this Christmas. Age does not matter as long as we share our time with each other to grow and have memories of how important our loved ones are to us. Spending time with my dad taught me so much about him that I forgot about. My dad has always worked six days a week, 12 hours a day, to support us. He would come home tired but still played with us as children. His only day off he spent with us. However, like most kids, I forgot about all of that. 

I have not said anything about my mom; well, she has always been our family’s glue. We always spent time with her; she has always been our biggest supporter. As a kid, I never really understood how much time she spent taking care of all of us—driving us to school, practices, play dates, cooking, cleaning, reading to us, helping with homework. You name it, she was there to do it for our family. Spending time with her during Covid-19 opened my eyes to all she has done and is doing. The sacrifices she has made for our family and never really complains. 

The gift of time gave me a new perspective of what is really important. Material things are just that material. When we are done with it, we discard it. Never to think about it again, but our memories can never be discarded. To sit and listen to stories about our grandparents and great-grandparents are the best gifts. These are stories that we can pass down to our children. Chances are the 200 dollar sneakers won’t even be a thought in a year from now. Spending time with the people who mean the most to you is invaluable. 

Having this time with my family also opened my eyes to other ways I can give time as a gift. Many people in this world do not have people to connect with. When I was in high school I volunteered my time to local veterans. I remember how happy my sponsored veteran was when I came to visit. But, like most teenagers I started college and thought I did not have the time anymore. Since I was home and Frank only lived a few blocks from me, I did go by to check on him, and he was so happy. From a distance we talked and caught up, I promised to be back, and I have kept that promise. 

My family has always been close, but we move on with our busy lives like all families. My parents still work, so we can stay in school. My brother, sister, and I work and go to school full time. All of this leaves little time for close family time, or so I thought. Now that Covid-19 is “over” and we are all vaccinated, you may think everything is going back to the old normal. Well, not for me or my family; the gift of time made us realize how much we need each other. Our parents are old school, they have given me and my siblings strong family values. Sunday is family day, dinner is at 4 and we catch up with each other. Every night we either call each other if we are at school or we see each other before bed to say good night. Time is the best gift anyone can give and receive, there is nothing better. 

In closing, we all need to take a step back in time and remember how important time is!


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