Top 2 Marijuana Seed Banks In The US


There is little question that more farmers are sprouting as cannabis regulations become more lenient. Such folks must obtain the most excellent cannabis seeds if they want to sell high-quality marijuana. And as a result, marijuana seed banks have grown in popularity.

Because not all cannabis seed banks are located in the United States, we only feature seed banks exporting to the United States. After examining these seed bank reviews, including the editor’s choice ILGM reviews, you can purchase marijuana seeds online and deliver them to your location.

Of course, you can still find reliable seed banks in the United States, but sometimes one needs more variety. As a result, the following review of the top 2 seed banks should be helpful to a wide range of people.

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana(ILGM reviews)

Amsterdam is well-known for its marijuana coffee houses and Dutch cannabis strains, which are famous worldwide. As a result, it is no shock that this prominent seed bank is situated in Amsterdam.

According to user testimonials, this firm provides exceptional customer service and speedy shipping (just 4-6 days for orders placed in the United States). ILGM also offers a wide range of strains, free-growing suggestions, and great discounts. When it comes to other ILGM reviews, this supplier has close to 4000 ratings on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.8 stars.

Since its inception in 2012, this firm has provided excellent seeds from licenced breeders. ILGM is well-known for offering expert planting information as well as a supportive network of farmers. Beginners receive a complete growth guide to assist them in successfully planting their seedlings.


  • Seeds with assured germination
  • Outstanding client service
  • Replacement seeds are provided for free.
  • Free Shipping is offered.
  • Replacement seeds are provided for free.


  • Tracking delivery is more expensive.
  • Shipping is unavailable in some states.

ILGM also provides excellent customer service. The support crew will swiftly respond to any questions you may have to assist you in selecting the best marijuana strain.

  1. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is headquartered in Canada. Because of the country’s eased cannabis restrictions, you may expect more top marijuana seed banks. This has enabled more innovative marijuana strain development and production. It will be fascinating and see what the firm has to offer.

Given that it has been in operation for over 15 years, this seed company has a stellar track record. It is well-known for providing a professionally curated cannabis seed bank. This guarantees that excellence is always prioritised.


  • The best seed bank in Canada
  • Provides quick shipment
  • Shipping is discreet.
  • The online support crew is beneficial.


  • The seeds are pricey.
  • There aren’t many promotions.

With an 80 per cent germination assurance and possibilities of auto-flowering seedlings, it is simple to understand why so many people would explore this seed bank.


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