Wear Different Ties At Different Occasions


Ties are appraised as professional wear, but do you know they can be styled differently on different occasions? If not, this article will help you. 

Ties are basic apparel that can go with any occasion and make your look more stunning and classy. It’s an intimation of gentlemen as they always carry a tie on their hand, whether for an interview or casual night outs. Ties hold a special place in the wardrobe, and here we inclined the best ways to style with ties at various events. 

Let’s get some styling ideas!

Four in Hand Necktie

This type of tie is familiar to folks as it’s the most basic type that is widely appropriate for an office look. You can easily spice up your formal look by adorning this tie. It’s a kind of tie that has a broad end with a narrow end at the front. You can easily find variant colours, designs, patterns and materials in this type of tie. Winder Knots can perfectly go with four in hand necktie. 

The Seven-Fold Tie

You can wear this classy tie on formal days as well as on special events. As its name suggests, it has seven folds that are somewhat similar to four in hand neckties. The basic difference is that this type of tie is made up of square yards of silk that don’t easily have linings and give you a completely formal outlook. Its smooth surface allows it to easily make the knots, but with having special material, they are a little more expensive than four in hand neckties. 

Skinny Necktie

It’s another excellent variation of ties that were widely popular in the ’50s and ’60s. Still, these kinds of ties are famous for office looks and for night parties. You can wear this tie on modern and party-wearing attires that give you an ultra-cool look. It’s also perfect for getting an edgy look by adorning jeans and plain shirts. 


It’s a modern form of tie and an interesting alternative of casualties that are widely perfect for formal events as well as for party looks. However, these ties are highly famous among the people of Southern states, where they wear bow ties on special occasions. It’s also a good idea to pair it with a seersucker suit that will take you out of the crowd. 


This type of tie is linked with Ascot Racecourse in England that shows some military personality, and is perfect for formal occasions. This type of neckwear is widely popular among men as it enhances their formal personality. 

Summing Up 

Possibly, one of the most adorable clothes are ties that can add an edge to your look and define your personality more professionally. However, you can find a variety of ties in different colours, patterns and prints that match perfectly with your look. 


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